A dry-brush a day, Part 2!

Ellen Symons 2015

By: Ellen Symons
Ellen is a registered massage therapist, the owner of Body Poets and a dedicated daily dry-brusher.

Three years ago, after taking a workshop that persuaded me of the benefits, I started a daily dry brushing habit. Mainly, at the time, I wanted to improve my immune system and to have softer, less dry skin in winter. My shins were flaky and itchy, my arms were rough, and as a friend once said about himself, “I didn’t think at 50 I’d have to deal with grey hair AND acne!”

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End-of-year openings

Once again, we’ve spent a year growing in leaps and bounds. We’ve welcomed new therapists, new clients, and a new office manager to the clinic, and opened a new location in Almonte, Ontario, and the result has been nothing short of amazing. We’ve had record increases in bookings for the past two months, and as usual, December promises to be our busiest month of the past twelve.

Additionally, we are one of three Ottawa massage therapy clinics nominated for a Top Choice Award as Top Massage Therapist 2016 in Ottawa. This is just thrilling! To vote for us before February 1, 2016, click here!

Some therapists are fully booked now until the end of 2015; others still have some availability. Please check our online booking tool for specific schedules at both our Ottawa and Almonte locations, or call the office at 613-222-0465 to inquire.

Holiday closing dates:

  • December 25 – closed
  • December 26 – 9-4 (two RMTs) at our downtown Ottawa location
  • January 1 – closed

Thank you for helping us make this our best year yet. We are happy to be part of your approach to health care, and we look forward to working with you in the months ahead. See you soon, and may you enjoy a restorative end of the year and start 2016 with a sense of excitement and optimism!

Essential Essential Oils

Have you ever walked into a room where an aroma sweeps you off your feet? It creates a warm fuzzy feeling inside, or a sense of calmness throughout. Maybe it reminds you of days past or of good things to come. It can trigger both positive and negative thoughts, and can have an effect on both our physiology and psychology.

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Why I love your body

Emilie McKay, RMT - ottawa massage blog

By: Emilie McKay, RMT

Emilie is an advocate for positive self-esteem and body image. Using her bright and sunny disposition along with her caring hands, she loves to help clients feel good about their bodies.

Squishing bodies every day gives you a new appreciation for them. Like many of my colleagues and massage therapists everywhere, I love anatomy. And by love, I mean ADORE. Muscles, nerves, blood vessels, you name it, love them all! How your body interacts with the world and the little nuances it does to adapt to changing environments is so fascinating to me, which is exactly why I love your body.

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Breathe Easy

Muscle of the Month: Diaphragm

“Use your diaphragm! Speak from your belly!” my drama teacher always used to say. The teenager in me had no idea what she meant, but now years later I find myself saying the same things to my clients.

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The Power of Relaxation

Ellen SymonsEllen Symons, RMT is an avid recipient of relaxation massage.

Relaxation is all about softness, right?

Well, kind of. Relaxation is a powerful technique. The repairing and rebuilding that your brain and body do when you’re relaxed are essential to your ability to live a strong and healthy life.

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