Pain, pain, go away.

Pain, Pain, Pain,

It’s the only thing on your brain.

At work, at home

You just want to be left alone.

Why does the body give us pain?

What does it have to gain?

Pain should be an alarm,

An alarm that you are doing harm.

It could be how you sit or how you jog,

It could be any thing you do that’s odd.

If the body isn’t positioned right,

you could get pain that keeps you up at night.

Give your body good care,

Water, stretches and fresh air.

After all, your body will thank-you,

and give you less pain too!  

Pillow me…

Ellen SymonsBy: Ellen Symons, RMT
Ellen is a registered massage therapist and the owner of Body Poets. She finds many poems in her work each day.

Why do we use pillows on the massage table? A client asked me this the other day. There are several biomechanical and postural reasons. There is also the way that being pillowed lets us sink more deeply into relaxation and into letting go of our burdens.

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