Variety is the spice of life

Many clients wonder what they will do if their massage therapist takes a leave of absence. Pregnancies, family illnesses, and jet-setter vacations can take your regular RMT out of the office for a time.

This is why we encourage all of our clients to see different therapists every now and then.

I know, I know – some of you are reading this in shock and disbelief. The thought of leaving your RMT for another? You wouldn’t consider it. But hear us out. We aren’t saying you should get up and go to another therapist’s table for good. But there are benefits to subbing in a massage here and there with another therapist. Here is why:

You have a substitute therapist when your RMT is sick.

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Remember substitute teachers as a kid? There was that one you loved, who had you wishing your teacher was always sick. And then there was the one you didn’t love so much, who had you wishing YOU were sick! Get advice from your RMT on who they recommend, to make sure you know which substitute RMT you are getting when the time comes.

Each RMT has a unique style. 

RMT Acupunture - Ottawa massageEach and every massage therapist has their own way of treating. What works for their regular clients, may not work for you. Experiment with other RMTs before your therapist goes on leave, that way you don’t have to do the guess work at the eleventh hour. Or you might even find something better suited for you, as many RMTs have different tools they use to treat the same conditions.

You might be missing out on the expert.

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Yes, your RMT is the best thing since sliced bread. But, contrary to what you may believe, they don’t know how to treat everything the most efficiently. Which extra courses a massage therapist takes, and what they see regularly in the clinic, will dictate what the therapist knows how to treat most effectively. If you find yourself in a new situation, and your therapist isn’t confident they can help your specific condition, ask them to refer you to a colleague, as they will most likely know someone who is well versed in that area of treatment.

Don’t hesitate to see other massage therapists.

All of us at Body Poets love working in a collaborative environment, as we are all aiming for the same goal: the best possible care for you. Your body and health are constantly changing, as will your therapist’s approach to treatment. From time to time, why not try a different approach, to make sure you feel that your needs are being met. If you like what you discover, let your therapist know, and see if they can incorporate it into your treatments. Your RMT should periodically check in with you about whether any of your preferences have changed, and make shifts as necessary.

This collaboration and evolution is part of stepping into the circle of care when you come to Body Poets.

The smooth beauty of hot stone massage

Derek Neimor - Ottawa Massage BlogBy: Derek Neimor, RMT
Derek is an RMT at Body Poets in Ottawa, but he grew up on the rocky shores of Newfoundland. His childhood experiences and RMT training led him to a love of hot stone massage.

Fall is my favorite season, bar none. While the changing leaves are spectacular, my true obsession with the fall is the sun. This is the only time of year I will seek out the sun, the warmth, offset by cool air and a slight breeze. Though most of the sun’s warmth has disappeared for this year, it still brought back memories. Hot Stone - Ottawa Massage BlogIn another life, growing up in Newfoundland, I took my love for the fall sun one step further by spending many afternoons hiking in the barrens and on the cliffs searching for the perfect spot to have a little afternoon nap.

What I was searching for was a sun-warmed bed of rocks.

Not any old bunch of rocks would do: they needed to be smooth, no jagged edges, and all of them roughly the same thickness. I did not want any pokey bits! I also needed to find the one rock I would use for a pillow; it would sit in the crook of my neck keeping everything in alignment. I was always thrilled when I found a spot that was laid out ready for use and no need for rearrangement, but that was a rare occurrence. Then it was time to get cozy, settle in to those warm rocks and close my eyes and let my mind drift.

When I eventually got up, I always felt great and at ease, in mind and body.

I looked back on those afternoons very fondly; however, due to changing circumstances and responsibilities, it had been a long time since I last enjoyed a nap on a bed of rocks. Then a few years ago while I was training to be a massage therapist, I heard about hot stone massage … and my interest was piqued immediately.

Derek Hot Stone - Ottawa Massage BlogThe thought of using hot stones to give a massage seemed so right, so complete; there could not be a more perfect combination of tool and application to use it.

Through study, I learnt that hot stones can help achy muscles and arthritic pain due to the direct and long-lasting heat obtained. Heat also has great effect on circulation, so those suffering from Raynaud’s or other circulatory system disorders can benefit from regular hot stone massage.

Now, as I treat, it is just as I imagined: holding the heated rocks in my hands brings me back to those nourishing afternoon naps and I seem to carry that seed of tranquility during the massage that I am performing. I feel invigorated, yet peaceful, and able to

share that restorative experience with my client through the medium of each smooth, perfect, basalt stone.