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Almonte massage therapist Ellen SymonsBy: Ellen Symons
Ellen is a registered massage therapist and the owner of Body Poets

I’ve just spent 30 wonderful days at Camp Calm.

Without leaving home.

And I am certainly happier and more at ease because of it.

Camp Calm is David Cain’s “30-day virtual workshop for learning the basics of meditation and mindfulness.”* If you are not already reading David’s blog, Raptitude – Getting Better at Being Human, then I highly recommend that you check it out. And I definitely recommend Camp Calm as a way to start meditating, or to deepen your current practice.

I’ve written about my journey with meditation before on this blog, and reviewed an app here, and because it’s important to me to share things I think others might like, I want to share this most recent experience too.

This was Camp Calm 2 – there were almost 400 campers…

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‘Barefoot’ running is saving my soles — Almonte Massage Therapy by Body Poets

By Ellen Symons, RMT Ellen used to be a recalcitrant runner who felt as if she were carrying a refrigerator on her back, but in her minimalist shoes she feels lithe as a gazelle. She doesn’t know if minimalist running is for everyone, but she’s sure enjoying her runs much more these days. Initially […]

via ‘Barefoot’ running is saving my soles — Almonte Massage Therapy by Body Poets

Please try this at home!

Ellen Symons 2015By: Ellen Symons, RMT
Ellen is an RMT and owner of Body Poets. Her pyjamas look a lot like her running clothes.

Ellen’s Super-easy Self-care Tips

Tip #1 – Wear leggings and sleeves at night

So you just completed your first 5k. Or, you started a new cardio-step class … wearing a 25-pound backpack. Or, you spent the afternoon trimming raspberries and deadheading echinacea.

Whatever it was, all you know is that your quads are achy, your forearms are weary, and the thought of tomorrow’s stiffness looms over you like a cloud.

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A dry-brush a day, Part 2!

Ellen Symons 2015

By: Ellen Symons
Ellen is a registered massage therapist, the owner of Body Poets and a dedicated daily dry-brusher.

Three years ago, after taking a workshop that persuaded me of the benefits, I started a daily dry brushing habit. Mainly, at the time, I wanted to improve my immune system and to have softer, less dry skin in winter. My shins were flaky and itchy, my arms were rough, and as a friend once said about himself, “I didn’t think at 50 I’d have to deal with grey hair AND acne!”

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The Power of Relaxation

Ellen SymonsEllen Symons, RMT is an avid recipient of relaxation massage.

Relaxation is all about softness, right?

Well, kind of. Relaxation is a powerful technique. The repairing and rebuilding that your brain and body do when you’re relaxed are essential to your ability to live a strong and healthy life.

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How I’ve failed at meditation

Ellen SymonsBy: Ellen Symons, RMT
Along with “failing” at meditation, Ellen enjoys using her free time to write poetry, play with her cats, and spend time outside. She has her own poetry blog at http://www.ellensymons.wordpress.com, where this essay first appeared.

I’ve been failing at meditation for a solid twenty years.

Alright. I suspect it isn’t possible to ‘fail’ at meditation, but I have walked away, frustrated, over and over again.

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