What a tangled web we weave… the story of fascia

What is Fascia?

Fascia is a connective tissue that weaves itself throughout the entire body like a fine fabric. Its seamless arrangement is amazing at providing continuity and preserving the unique architecture of the human body. However, its interconnected nature also illustrates why a disruption to its integrity can lead to pain and dysfunction down its entire length as well to neighbouring tissues.

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Why I love your body

Emilie McKay, RMT - ottawa massage blog

By: Emilie McKay, RMT

Emilie is an advocate for positive self-esteem and body image. Using her bright and sunny disposition along with her caring hands, she loves to help clients feel good about their bodies.

Squishing bodies every day gives you a new appreciation for them. Like many of my colleagues and massage therapists everywhere, I love anatomy. And by love, I mean ADORE. Muscles, nerves, blood vessels, you name it, love them all! How your body interacts with the world and the little nuances it does to adapt to changing environments is so fascinating to me, which is exactly why I love your body.

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