With its secret dances

Almonte massage therapist Ellen Symons

By: Ellen Symons, RMT
Ellen is the poetry-writing founder of Body Poets and is grateful to her massage therapy clients for bringing in their bodies

Come in, with your body
and its whispered dreams

I will not breathe a word

come in, bring its needling anguish,
its yokes and shackles, the chains
and burdens that make it stumble

its tears that stream without permission

bring in your body
with its fine, secret dances in meadows
and under full moons

the songs it sings while diving
for pearls and the bursting
of its lungs as sun pours in heavenly shafts

deep as the bottom of your thought

bring its tattered edges and frayed cords

lie it down and we will mend
what we can and tuck in the rest
smoothing the weave of its priceless fabric

you shall not leave undone

bring in your body


5 thoughts on “With its secret dances

  1. Ellen,
    What a lovely poem, so vibrant, ethereal. I’ve missed you and hope life is treating you well. I still have the supportive message you sent that means the world to me.
    Your (long lost) friend from coach.me,

    • Tammy, it’s so good to hear from you. I was thinking of you the other day! Thank you for reading and for your supportive comment on the poem. Drop me a line if you feel like it, or if not, send me a mental message, that seems to work, look how we just connected here!
      Love to you,

    • Ha ha! There was a lag because WordPress was waiting for me to approve the comment, which of course I did as soon as I saw it. 🙂

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