The Power of Relaxation

Ellen SymonsEllen Symons, RMT is an avid recipient of relaxation massage.

Relaxation is all about softness, right?

Well, kind of. Relaxation is a powerful technique. The repairing and rebuilding that your brain and body do when you’re relaxed are essential to your ability to live a strong and healthy life.

As science studies how our bodies work, stress emerges more frequently as a culprit in negative health experiences from psoriasis to cancer. Life’s various stressors – schedules, deadlines, finances, traffic, lack of sleep – activate our sympathetic “fight or flight” nervous system, elevating our heart rate and sweat levels, raising chemicals such as adrenaline, and decreasing our digestive functions. Stress has been linked to health issues from heart problems to dementia, and perhaps even seizures. Digestive and bowel problems, headaches, jaw problems, muscle aches, and much more can all result from stress.

Relaxation - Ottawa massage blogOn the other hand, when we’re deeply relaxed, our parasympathetic “rest and digest” nervous system can get to work, allowing essential functions such as digestion to occur and lowering  crucial hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol that contribute to health problems when they are chronically elevated.

Deep relaxation also:

  • lowers our heart rate, blood pressure, and the risk of a heart attack
  • promotes better sleep and immunity, even decreasing our risk of getting a cold
  • improves clarity of thought, and decreases the proteins linked to Alzheimer’s disease
  • helps to regulate emotional responses and protect against depression
  • diminishes asthmatic symptoms
  • reduces insulin requirements for diabetics
  • relieves chronic pain
  • improves our sense of well-being

There are many ways to relax, and massage is one of them. Meditation, body awareness scans, yoga, music and art therapy, and deep breathing are others. Your massage therapist can guide you in breathing, body scan, stretching, and yoga techniques along with your massage, giving you relaxation practices to continue exploring at home or with a teacher.

What’s the best time for a relaxation massage?

Weekend massage - ottawa massage blogFor many people, weekends are when they have a bit of time set aside for R&R. Our clinic is open on Saturdays and Sundays, making it as easy as possible for you to fit in an hour or more of deep relaxation. But any time you need it is the right time, and you can even schedule your relaxation! Booking ahead, or at the same time every month, keeps your nervous system healthy, and prevents you from getting stressed over how to fit in your massage.

Many clients let out a deep ahhhhh! as their body hits the softness of the massage table. Just being in a massage clinic’s peaceful environment, and feeling the support of the table and pillows beneath them, starts the process. Come lie your self down on one of our massage tables and discover the power of relaxation.

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